Jewelry should be playful as well as artful and we believe that our creations have always and will always strive to capture our love of the process and the materials, not just the finished products. You will find that we like to mix textures. Different types of cuts, rough stones as well as different textures in the metals. Visit us!

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Stunning red quartz specimen.  https://www.etsy.com/listing/98958191/red-quartz

Large nodular formation. Red is caused by a layer of closely massed hematite inclusions just below the surface of the crystal. Tiny dots of black magnetite are also visible. The condition is great. There are tiny “pock marks” from mineral long since disintegrated. One crystal has a side that was sheared off during removal from the ground . However when you look into this sheared off crystal you get a fabulous look at the color zoning of the amethyst beneath the surface.

Provenience: NW Ontario Canada
Measurements: 1 3/4” Tall x 4”Wide x 3 3/4”Deep

Ontario has a long and lively geological past that goes back to when the Earth was a very young planet. The first piece of the crust that is now Ontario made its appearance more than three billion years ago. Since then, the province has been shaped by the movement of the ever-shifting plates that cover the surface of the Earth.
Ontario is a showcase of geological processes caused by these shifting plates, including volcanism, earthquakes and mountain building. Huge sheets of creeping ice, tropical coral reefs and even salt water lagoons are all part of the province’s past. This gorgeous specimen is a little piece of Ontario’s geological history.
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